OVHPA – High Performance Applications is a small company started for providing theoretical sciences with appropriate resources from the informatics world.

It started as a simple observation: theoretical scientists can be very far from the IT world. They often, due to a lack of budget for employing proper software developers, have to publish, deploy, optimize, or analyse code by themselves!

This is because all tasks related to informatics, with the exception of IT departments themselves, are view as a need limited in time. To put it simply, researchers are expected to do science at all time, but use computer either at the beginning, for example to obtain results, or at the end, to process them.

Of course, the fact that this two needs might overlap, or simply that some other continuous needs might exist, is often overlook.

Our primary goal at OVHPA – High Performance Applications is to address these concerns by providing a time-limited need, compatible with actual research budget, while offering a continuous support, thanks to openness and community.


A. Valencia (AV) is the president of OVHPA – high Performance Applications.

AV graduated from an art-major school in Kagoshima, Japan, before undertaking a study-travel in Vancouver, Canada. She then worked in business relation at a printing company and in media at a local radio broadcasting company in Kyushu, Japan, before taking the presidency of OVHPA.

Founder and lead developer

OVHPA – circa 2019

Okadome Valencia (OV) is the founder of the High Performance Application company in the 20s (the 2020s).

OV obtain a “double-skill” master in IT and theoretical chemistry from the H. Poincare University, France, in 2003; and a Ph. D. in Applied Quantum Chemistry from Poitiers University, France, in 2006.

After a short period in France as a research engineer in 2007, he joined AIST in Osaka, Japan, the same year as a researcher. He have been a researcher since today in AIST (2007~2012), Kyushu University (2012~2017), and Nagoya University (2017~now).

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